“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

― Nora Ephron

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A new wave of fear has entered the female psyche; a psyche already shattered throughout history via oppression,  mind control and more recently, a complicated and unhealthy relationship with both men and the State. As a woman, overcoming fear is more important than ever.

To date, the media have successfully painted America’s 45th President, Donald Trump, as psychopathic, racist, and chauvinistic, whilst also conveniently omitting certain hideous facts about the other candidates and previous presidents in the puppet show.

Facts which would obliterate many of those labels, or add many others to the mix. But that’s not the point here.

(I know your brain is now currently attempting to place me on one side or another.)

Please know this article is not pro-Trump,  pro-Hillary or pro-establishment. It’s a call to abolish the idea we need a ruler; that we enjoy being dominated or that we need to control others. That’s an unhealthy relationship I believe needs urgent attention. It’s time we cooperate instead.

Overcoming Fear: The Woman Who Chose Courage

This article is aimed at women. If you’re a man, please read it, as you’ll gain an insight into what this world could be like, and what the solutions are. Please also note: you’re on notice. If you’re one of the men or women mentioned within these words, take time to introspect and find your right livelihood.

I implore you to be someone you’re be proud to be. The animosity between the sexes, yet another mind control program, needs to fall away if we’re to achieve what we need to. Grounded sacred union is where it’s at.

The focus of this article is overcoming fear, and the ravaging effects of fear within the collective unconscious.

Whilst we remain in fear, we are unable to breathe, our blood pressure rises, and our hormones shift. We are only able to focus on that which is right in front of us, the smaller pieces of the puzzle, how we might immediately survive. We seek a way out. We are reactive. We are defensive. We are fuelled by negative emotions which consume us. And we are unable to see where the true power really lies. We remain stuck.

This is exactly where ‘they’ want us to be.

When fear consumes us

Over the past few years, we’ve been faced with change. And it’s quite uncomfortable for many. The amount of change implemented by Trump in the first week of his presidency shocked many, leaving them fearful of what’s to come. He certainly came out with a bang. But when we’re focussed on what he did, we’re not empowered by solutions. When focussed on what “Hillary would’ve done”, we’re living in the sea of denial. This creates anxiety: not living in the present.

What is most important to see right now is the role that we, women, play in all this, and how we may easily shift the focus of power to our favour (we already hold it anyway).

Women are creators, we are carers, nurturers, and we direct where society is heading. It may be impossible to see this right now, considering it seems the men are in control. But it’s true.

This is both empowering and disturbing considering what we see around us, and who we blame.

Women are the influencers of human morality. Our partners, our children look to us for advice, for wisdom, for direction.

Yet we are currently the enablers.

Yes, Trump is sits on a throne, dishing out orders. He makes decisions that many don’t agree with (and some highly applauded ones too). Some of us sit here afraid of him and our future because of it; fearful of his next move, feeling like it will only worsen, and that we’ll just have to “stick with it” for the next 4 years.

Truthfully, Trump isn’t DOING anything except signing pieces of paper. It’s the order-followers that are carrying out the instructions. We allow this to happen by supporting the order followers.

We allow our partners and husbands to work jobs that incite violence against other human beings and other life-forms, something that goes against the very instinct that enables us to nurture and raise our precious young.

We label soldiers “heroes”. We send our children off to school to be indoctrinated by the State. We accept “safety and security” over personal responsibility. We need to say NO.

We need to support the rebels, the strong ones who speak out. Those who know that morality is more important than a paycheque, and their actions support this.

What’s the formula for overcoming fear?

Here’s my perspective on the most useful way to tackle overcoming fear.

  • We need to stand WITH men, not against them. Division is but a strategy to control us.
  • We need to speak the truth loud and clear and illustrate we’ll no longer be manipulated. Manipulation is a tool for tyrants.
  • We need to know no-one is going to “save us” but ourselves.
  • We need to understand the agenda and who pulls the strings.
  • We need to connect our hearts with our mouths, and put the result into action.
  • We need to seek and care for truth, no matter how unfair it seems or uncomfortable it is.
  • We need to develop true self-respect.
  • We need to learn who and what we are.
  • We need to say enough is enough.
  • We need to do something. NOW.
  • We need to step into our role as caring, nurturing influencers of human morality.
  • We need not be afraid.
  • We need to refuse to support ANY men (and women) employed as order followers.
  • We need to connect humanity with their morality.
  • We need to love fiercely.
  • We need to raise strong, healthy, emotionally adept, strong-willed children.
  • We need to think critically.
  • We must resist on all fronts.
  • We must have the courage to let go, even if it means chaos.

Aligning with what we want

We are women. It’s all comes down to us. It’s about self-reflection. How are we, personally enabling this? What can we, personally, do to stop this? Where have we sold our souls, and how can we buy them back? For me it comes down to these simple actions:

Morality – Choosing to align ourselves with those who put morals above all else, and saying NO to those who don’t.

Care – Caring for all life on earth and earth itself, not just when our personal circumstances are affected, or when it suits us. Caring to find out the truth and having the will to act upon it even though it might affect us financially, emotionally, spiritually, or socially.

Nurturing – Nurturing our families, nurturing our young. Giving ourselves and our children the very best, not leaving it up to the State to fill their bodies and minds with what It deems to be important. Relying on ourselves instead of suckling at the teat of the System.

And standing with others who do the same.

This is an invitation to move through the paralysis of fear, and roar into action. Though you’ve been duped into feeling you have no power, the reality is you own it. You have the capacity to shift what you see around you simply by shifting the thoughts you have and the actions you take. Even non-action is taking an action.

As a woman, you can’t help but be creative, so, what do you choose to create? Do you really want to build a reality based on fear?

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