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don’t know how you found me, but I’m sure glad you did.

This website is filled with tools and tidbits to help you make smarter choices in your life, your business, AND for the planet at large.

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Keen to know more about me?

I’m a writer, digital marketer, and free-thinker (I think it’s odd that we have to proclaim that we’re a “thinker” these days, because most people unfortunately aren’t.) Health was my first interest in life – nutrition and herbal medicine led me to study the body, which led to the mind, which led to the stars.
I’m forthright with my views, experience, and knowledge. My perspectives are unconventional because I’m driven by curiosity and research, not agendas.
Stuff you didn’t know: I’ve been dubbed the “swiss army knife” for my uncanny ability to learn almost anything. I’m half creative, half mechanic, which means I love to create systems and keep things colourfully organised. I’m also a prolific reader, chatterbox, and great cook. When I’m not writing, building sales funnels, or working with my Freedom Ninjas community, I love painting, dancing, and making my own clothes.

An entrepreneur, expert, or influencer? You’d be crazy to leave without this…

If freedom is your thing, and you find yourself flailing about on a hamster wheel telling yourself, “This is just how life is”, now’s your chance to…

Snap out of it and grab your ticket to freedom.

Newsflash: we are living in a time where we can develop the skills that help us write our own paycheque.

There is no need to work a job you hate, spend time away from your family, or continually hit the glass ceiling any longer.

Learn how to create the life of your dreams (live life how YOU want to!) by mastering the skillset of digital marketing.

You’re using it anyway – you may as well make some dough whilst you scroll through the FB feed, right?

Learn how to create the life of your dreams using digital marketing. Dive in here. It’s free.

Wanna make your life more beautiful?

Grab a hot cup of chai and jump into my Masterclass.
You’ll get an insight into my perspective on how to navigate life as a modern woman, in a time where we have it all at our fingertips (but don’t always realise that!).
Learn how to develop a keen sense of self-awareness, ground yourself in your body, and be driven by your conscience, the most powerful ally you have available to you.
We’ll lay it all bare and chat about how you can live The Self-Sufficient Life without becoming a dogma-touting, friend-repelling, sad sack of sprouting, green potatoes.
Did I hear a sigh of relief? ?

Love From Those Who've Come Before You:

Aimee, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, putting in systems to make it easy for us to follow along and get the info that we need to keep going in our businesses. You are an inspiration and a bloody awesome chick ?

Petra Barrah

Aimee is a Joyful and Kind mentor... she listens with patience and she's very dynamic both at the same time. Met her was a real blessing on my path. Thank you Beautiful Aimee ?

Claire Lacombrade

You are a true leader, passionate, committed, amazingly professional and precise, fun and super giving to others .. and super patient!

Michela Zanchi

If you want to 10X your life .. business .. perspective .. Aimee is definitely your go to girl! I am blown away every day by the support, wisdom, advice and hands on help I receive from this beautiful lady.

Toni Ferris

Aimee is a five star human
She’s my sister from another mister... definite soul tribe.
She tirelessly works away to help and support EVERYONE.
Love you to bits A... thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and inspiration. You are truly a shining light

Kristy V. Gordon

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