How to Start a Conscious Online Business You Love

(Even if you're a technophobe, scared of sales, or new to business!) 💗


You are:


BUT... when it comes to getting paid for doing what you love...
you always seem to fall flat on your face...
in a rotting cow pat. 🐮💩


In your spare time, you dream of a fantastical world where you don't have to:

  • pretend your “coaching business” is thriving when you’re secretly haemorrhaging money.
  • pretend you're a "numbers gal" and delight in your part-time bookkeeping job.
  • bathe in mama guilt by leaving your cherubs in day care with women who have left their children in day care too. 🤔

So you keep searching for opportunities that mean you won't have to:

  • stuff your garage with health or makeup products
  • convince hubby "it’ll work this time" bug your family and friends to buy stuff from you, or
  • sell your soul to the devil.

You want to make a difference in the world, dang it. 🌏

If aunty Fran asks you one more time, "Why don't you sell Tupperware?”  
You might give her a real serve about how toxic plastic is.  
But for now, you bite your tongue. Again.

You’ve got morals. And ethics.

There’s no way you’re going to sell things for the sake of it. 
Or work for a corporate giant poisoning the planet. 
Or waste your life cleaning houses to make a buck. 
You’ve done some of that. 
And you felt like an absolute sellout.  
What’s the use preaching about making the world more beautiful if we’re contributing to making it worse?  
You vowed, “never again”.

You weren’t shot out of your mother’s vajayjay to clean houses in your spare time.

You want:

  • to make a real difference.
  • a job that suits your quest for freedom AND suitably fills your pockets with the good stuff. 💰
  • to actually ENJOY what you do for work. 😣
  • to leave a legacy on this planet--educating aunty Fran on the dangers of BPA in plastic isn't enough. 🧐Let’s not get started on microwaves and EMF… 

You wanna be your freakin' self.

And be widely applauded for your uncoordinated dancing and scrumptious fat rolls (if Celeste Barber can, why can’t you?).

🙌 💃 

The good news is: you can.


There’s a whole new world of “location independent” jobs out there.

Which means you don’t have to settle for wearing a uniform that is straight out of the 1980s. 👚

Or asking your boss for a pee break. Or a pump break. 🍼 

Those days are over. 🙌



Discover the magic of online business


Aunty Fran might not understand it, but you can. 

You already do.  

I guarantee you’ve already started shopping online… 

And you probably didn’t even bat an eyelid.  

It’s just the way things work nowadays. 

In today’s world, you have the power to:


  • Start your own online business—ethically (without being pushy or sales-y, or having any previous experience).
  • Get your time back and choose how many hours you work on your business each day.
  • Find high quality, ethical products that people want and need…and attract the people who want to buy them.


Online business is the smart way to work. 

You don’t have massive overheads, inventory, or annoying bosses. 

You call the shots.  

And you benefit first.

It sure beats cubicle life.

And if you want to learn more about it, I’m happy to show you how it works.  ✨

Grab a seat in my Masterclass now.  

What are you waiting for? 🤔

In the Masterclass, I talk about how to start a conscious online business you love.

Not a business you like.


Because it revolves around you being you.

It allows you to earn whenever you like.

And there’s no ceiling on how much you can earn.

Which means more of your time will be yours, and you’ll have the money to enjoy it.

Sound good?


How to start a conscious online business you love

My pinky promise to you...

It’ll be 60 minutes waaaaaaaay better spent than trying to educate aunty Fran. 😜

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