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Freedom Ninjas

Who are the Freedom Ninjas?

The Freedom Ninjas are a community of epic, conscience-driven humans from all walks of life who said yes to consciously creating the life of their dreams by starting their own online affiliate marketing business. They’ve decided to fund their passion projects, free themselves and their families from the 9-5 grind, and live the freedom lifestyle (whatever that looks like to them). To learn more, click here to watch my Freedom Masterclass.

How can I become a Freedom Ninja?

A Freedom Ninja is someone who: is done struggling and ready for an upgrade, realises the power of the internet, already uses social media, and is ready to expand their life in ways they could never have imagined. If this sounds like you, click this link to learn more.

Why choose online business?

Online business offers a suite of attributes that many other business doesn’t, such as:

  • location-independence (work from wherever you like!),
  • autonomy (work whenever you like!),
  • income scalability (no glass ceiling!),
  • time freedom (spend your days how you want to!),
  • flexibility (choose how much or as little as you like!), and
  • minimal overheads (no rent, keeping inventory, making products, shipping products, hiring and managing staff and rosters, no customer service).

In particular, affiliate marketing allows us to align ourselves with companies and individuals who create/sell products we believe in, that make the world more beautiful, and that pay us great commissions in the process. It’s a win for everyone.

What is the Sprint to Freedom?

The Sprint to Freedom is an online group mentorship by my partner Brendan and I. It all began when we asked ourselves the question, “What if all the conscious people in the world had money?”

We were so inspired once we answered that question. So much so that we partnered with an online educational platform which teaches all the skills required to setup a successful affiliate marketing business.

Not only that, it offers an opportunity to plug into some of the most epic high and low ticket offers and products to be found on the internet!

AND, this business is suitable even for complete newbies and people allergic to sales.

Want in? Catch all the details here in my Freedom Masterclass.

Global Freedom Movement (GFM)

What is GFM?

Global Freedom Movement is an apolitical educational and activist portal designed to help humans think for themselves. It was co-founded in 2014 by myself and my partner, Brendan D. Murphy. The GFM Media podcast ran for 2 years, and the archives can be found here.

Trooth Platform

What is Trooth?

Trooth is a censorship-free social network built on the Mighty Networks platform and designed for conscious community builders, activists, and educators. It was co-founded by myself and my partner, Brendan after our Global Freedom Movement Facebook page was deleted without recourse in June 2018 (thanks, Facebook!).

We wanted to create a place where insightful conversation about any topic could take place without the Thought Police interfering. It’s a sanctuary for truthseekers and conscious humans, and is a superior option to other social sites for nurturing your tribe, which is why we recommend you join us there.

Partners, Ambassadors and Sponsors

Can I send you my product or gift?

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Thank you so much for your kind proposal. It is very important to me that I support ethically responsible brands that create products with a conscience. I am very intentional with the products/brands I support, purchase, and recommend. Please ensure your product/brand is ethically aligned before sending your proposal. If you’d like to understand my ethics to ensure it’s a perfect fit, please read my partnerships page here.

I’d like to collaborate with you, Aimee.

I love collabs – as long as they’re a perfect match. I’m very intentional with who I work with. If you’d like me to seriously consider your offer, please include detailed information about your vision, budget, expectations of me, and details about how it will be beneficial for both of us.

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Do you offer mentoring or coaching?

I am not currently offering 1:1 sessions (this may change at any time). Currently, the best way to work closely with me is to become a Freedom Ninja (see above!).