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Grab a hot cup of chai, put on your trackies, and settle right in. (Yes, you can put your feet up on the couch, it’s ok – I’d prefer if you’re relaxed.)

Hey, I’m Aimee.

I’m an Aussie multipotentiate with a passion for health, a commitment to self, and my heart firmly focussed on freedom – which is why I love digital business.
For me, self-sufficiency is more than being an “independent woman” (though that’s useful to some extent!).
It’s about being a self aware human.
On the daily.
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I believe that living within ourselves is the most powerful place to exist.

This is why I live The Self Sufficient Life.

Yes, it’s easier to whinge and complain.

To blame others.

To fall to pieces at what others say, do—or heaven forbid, think.

But answering to our own conscience above all else is where it’s at— if you ask me (which I think you did?).

I don’t need another human’s dogma to tell me how to be.

Many times in my life I’ve had the clear choice: to give up or keep going.

I’ve had many failed businesses, like the raw chocolate empire I ate out of existence (whoops).

And the educational and activist organisation I spearheaded for 5 years without earning a wage.

I’ve also chalked up more than my fair share of “life sucks” moments. Like that time I squatted in a furniture-less apartment for six months with no money for food and no fridge to put it in anyway.

I had no blankets or pillows and it was Winter. So I’d pile myself up with jackets and jumpers until I looked like the Michelin Man. Whilst trying to prevent my $30 pink inflatable mattress from rudely deflating.

All whilst growing my coaching business.

Ahh, the beauty of working online.

I made the switch to working online in 2010, during my “Saturn Return”.

(If you don’t know what that is, look it up, my friend. Particularly if you’re not yet 28!)

I realised dealing night-time casino games to line a billionaire’s pockets didn’t fill my heart with joy. (You think?)

I realised the crushing monotony of day to day life was bleeding me dry.

[Cue a graphic picture of my shrivelled, tear-stained heart.]

If my ex had forced me to watch just ONE more episode of Channel Ten’s 5 o’clock news…

…don’t get me started on the sport.

So I left the sameness of the world I knew…

…and embarked on a quest to find something I DID care about.

I wanted to contribute.

To make the world more beautiful.

I wanted to be free.

Self-awareness is the magic key to a free existence.

I realised:

I had to have my own back.

I had to live within myself to weather the storms.

I had to realise the beauty and power of being a woman.

I had to listen to my conscience.

I’ve earned my stripes.

And now, I’ll share with you exactly how to live The Self-Sufficient Life.

Whether it’s in life or in business…

I light my own way.

I’m unapologetic and compassionately ruthless.

Childlike curiosity drives me at all times.

I’m forthright in my views, experience, and knowledge.

My perspectives are unorthodox because I’m driven by curiosity and research, not agendas.

[Cue the whacko music.]

This means you’ll hear me say many “Non PC” things. And no, you can’t shame me into into apologising for that.

Yet I’m always willing to learn new info, and change my perspective. I love it when new details prove me wrong. It’s how I learn.

It’s so easy to play the damsel in distress and wait for others to rescue us, but picking ourselves up is infinitely more rewarding.


Because there’s nothing more pitiful than a perpetual victim. (How’s that for a truth bomb?)

Which brings me to you…

The women I serve are typically in their thirties, living in the west, and have the world at their feet. Except, it doesn’t feel right. Something’s off kilter.

Perhaps that’s you?

You want to:

  • Build a life and business you’re proud of.
  • Feel so at home within yourself that you never want to leave.
  • Wake up frothing to seize the day and dive into your latest muse.
  • Develop a bullshit meter that’s so on point you can smell a nanoparticle of poop from 6 miles away.
  • Be so reliable that the only human you’d ask for validation from is your epic self.
  • Have the grit to keep crushing it even when your ex-boyfriend Aaron sticks pins in his voodoo doll of you.
  • Create a freedom lifestyle – even when it sometimes feels like building a castle brick by brick in the searing heat in the middle of Summer all by yourself with flippers instead of arms.
  • Live with conscience, without being a friendless, dogma-touting party pooper.
  • Have the courage to be your fucking self.

Why do you want all this?

Make your lifestyle and business more beautiful | Aimee Devlin

So you can take yourself to all the magical places you want to go -not where others say you should be.

You care – about yourself, about your family, and the environment – but you’re not socially engineered to the point where you believe every mainstream story thrown at you from the idiot box. (You don’t even watch TV, except a few cheeky Netflix n Chill sessions of Outlander or Grand Designs!).

You’re smarter than that.

Your own educated opinions may have had you kicked out of a close-minded “sacred” women’s circle or two. But you treat that like a badge of honour.

Because you’re driven by freedom, not by cultural norms.

My tribe love to feel the wind in their face, dirt between their toes, and the lavishness that life can bring for everyone – should they choose to access that.

Are you in?

If you’ve read this far, we’re definitely gonna be buddies. The best way to learn about how I can help you stop living life on the sidelines is to grab a seat in my free Masterclass, How to Create The Life of your Dreams Using Digital Marketing.

I’ll walk you through the SEEK Method, my own personal formula for building a beautiful, conscious empire that allows you to live a joyous life AND make the world more beautiful at the same time. ✨

Can’t wait to hear your biggest takeaway! Thank you so much for spending your time with me. I look forward to getting to know you.


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