The 2020 Conscious Business Handbook

How to start a conscious online business, create a reliable income, and work on your own terms without selling your soul. (Phew! 😅)

Discover the steps I have personally taken to work anywhere in the world as freelance digital marketer, so you can trade stuckness and overwhelm for a life filled with freedom.


What you will learn

My 5 key steps for building a conscious online business

Endless, thankless work is the old way. The new era involves conscious community, automation, and no glass ceiling. 

Why digital marketing is the BEST way to free yourself

This skillset is THE smartest thing to learn right now. EVERY business needs to market themselves - and online just happens to be the smartest way to do it.

How automation can help you claim your freedom

Free up your time so that you can do all the things you love. It's no use starting your own business if you spend all your time working and have no time for yourself! 

Hey, I'm Aimee Devlin 👋

creator of The Self-Sufficient Life and the woman behind The 2020 Conscious Business Handbook.

If you’re looking to create space in your life for true financial freedom, I’m your gal. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people build conscious online businesses and beautiful lives.

10 years ago, I started learning the craft of digital marketing. Now, I've created a simple, easy to follow guide for regular humans just like you and me.

I invite you to tap into my experience and free yourself. You don’t have to do it alone. I’ve got the tools, support, and expertise to help you launch a conscious online business you love.

Let’s hop to it!


Don't Just Take My Word For It

See what people are saying after implementing what's in this free guide...

"For the last 7 years, I’ve been a stay at home mum. I worked a corporate job for many, many years and I’d also bought a couple of franchises as well. The biggest impact has been on my mindset. Every single relationship in my life has changed. That has been the biggest game changer and everyone around me has noticed it as well. "

Simone C. Herberte
Stay at home mum

"My wife and I were in a long distance relationship. We’d travel backwards and forwards every few months because of visa restrictions. Now, we can work anywhere in the world. We just came back from 3 weeks in Bali where we “worked”. It was pretty easy work our phones and laptops. Working on the road and getting a residual income is all new to me - but I’m loving it! "

Peter Ogg
Car builder and world traveler

"I was a struggling network marketer. I’d worn out all my friends, had been doing parties and meetings, and was burning through people, and I really had no one left to talk to! I became a single mum and I really wanted to create more time freedom so that I actually had time to spend with my daughter. I've found so much more than what I came looking for. "

Meagan Morgan
Single mum

"I was running my own organic store and cafe. I had to be there all the time. It’s absolutely wonderful that you can create your own business for a very minimal outlay compared to trying to setup any other kind of business. We get to travel and work from wherever we like. All we need to have is an internet connection and a laptop and your business is mobile! "

Ishara Love

"I was a part time kindy and after school care teacher and juggling my 3 kids. I was very tired and I was very, very burnt out. I was constantly on the lookout for business ideas that would free up my time. We bought a caravan and now we’re travelling Australia and working online. To say that my life has shifted and changed in a very dramatic way is a complete understatement!"

Kristy V. Gordon

"I’ve been building a personal brand for about 10 years. The support has really helped me to thrive. I’m crushing it online I’m helping so many people and I’m able to live a better lifestyle because of it. "

Scotty Ze
Father and Freedom Mentor

"My life is different and I’m on a completely different trajectory. We get the most amazing support; I’m on a personal development journey like no other. I feel very, very lucky and privileged to be a part of this. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced. "

Deb Jones
The Faerie Godmother

"Our lives are transformed from top to bottom. We’ve been able to reclaim our health and start doing the things to support us and our bigger picture visions that we weren’t able to do for so, so long. This has upgraded us on pretty much every level I can think of: internally, personally, financially, living situation, relationships, you name it. It’s ticked a lot of boxes. "

Brendan D. Murphy
Writer and Researcher

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